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ReSound LiNX Review

Posted by on in General
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I am very excited about the new ReSound LiNX, so let's review what we know about it...

MFi Made For iPhone Bluetooth Wireless

Probably the biggest feature is the ability of the ReSound LiNX to connect wirelessly using 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.0 with the iPhone (4S or newer), iPad (since March 2012), and iPod touch (5th generation or newer). Known as MFi, the combination of hardware and software allows the LiNX to connect to Apple devices as easily as a click, a sweep and a tap of the finger. Once connected, you will be able to listen to music in Hi Fi stereo, take handsfree phone calls, or watch your favourite TV show or movie online with the sound going wirelessly to your ears. With millions of apps on the App Store, the possibilities are endless!

Surround Sound

Surround Sound by ReSound is their sound processing strategy that gives exceptional speech understanding, a better sense of where sounds are coming from and clearer, richer, more vibrant sound. We believe that emulating the performance of the natural ear results in the best hearing and the most natural sound. Certainly, client feedback and online opinion backs up ReSound's claim - their hearing aids really do sound natural and clear.

Binaural Directionality

  • Supports true binaural processing
  • Delivers a more natural hearing experience that accounts for user intent

Support for natural binaural processing

The term “binaural processing” means that sound analysis is done after combining the two inputs from each ear – that is, it takes place in the brain. Although other ear-to-ear strategies communicate and synchronize settings between hearing aids, ReSound is the first to introduce a true binaural strategy in Binaural Directionality.

With Binaural Directionality, the two hearing aids use their unique 2.4 GHz wireless device-to-device communication to dynamically exchange data and work as one system, allowing them to automatically adjust microphone modes and choose the optimal directional pattern to suit any environment.

Binaural Directionality maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio benefits of directional processing for you by continually evaluating the sound environment and automatically changing the response for each ear.

This approach supports the way hearing naturally works by providing all the necessary information to your brain so true binaural processing can occur.


In this way, Binaural Directionality finds the most intense speech signal and ensures that it is clear and audible. But unlike other processing technologies, it doesn’t automatically assume that this is the person you want to listen to. Instead, Binaural Directionality provides you with the information you need to decide whether to turn towards the person speaking, regardless of their location to your side or rear, since you can detect all sounds in your surroundings.

The result is that Binaural Directionality gives you the best speech understanding in noise available, as well as a more natural sense of your surroundings – even in the most difficult listening situations.


The LiNX 9 automatically tracks a person speaking to you as they pass in front of you from left to right.


Binaural Environmental Optimizer II

  • Automatically synchronizes and adjusts both amplication and noise reduction settings
  • Balances the volume level of the sound environment according to your personal needs
  • Is personalized for your hearing profile

In sync with surroundings

Binaural Environmental Optimizer II uses 2.4 GHz wireless device-to-device communication to dynamically exchange, analyze and balance every piece of sound input. Every listening situation is accurately classified with respect to seven different environmental categories – the most detailed classification offered by any manufacturer.

Since each environment is classified based on inputs from both hearing aids, it promotes better agreement and congruence in the sound environment information for you.

Noise reduction and volume adjustments are then made based on this classification, and are synchronized and optimized between the two hearing aids. For optimal audibility and listening comfort in any sound environment.

Different preferences in different situations

You might prefer to enhance or downplay aspects of the sound in a given listening situation. For example, perhaps you want to adjust the sound differently for listening to music than for talking on the phone.

Adjusts automatically to changing environments

ReSound’s Binaural Environmental Optimizer II gives us a way to compensate for these preferences automatically, so you have less need to manually adjust the volume or switch to a special program.

Personalized for the user

The Binaural Environmental Optimizer II automatically adjusts both volume and Noise Tracker II’s speech-in-noise settings according to the listening environment.

And each of these settings can be personalized for you through ReSound's Aventa 3.4 software.

ReSound LiNX features the latest generation of Surround Sound by ReSound, including Binaural Environmental Optimizer II.


NoiseTracker II

NoiseTracker II is able to target and remove background noise with such precision due to ReSound's outstanding modeling technologies. The result is more natural sound and comfortable, stress-free listening.
NoiseTracker II cleans the signal:
  • Just enough background noise is eliminated for comfortable listening with reduced effort
  • The speech signal remains intact
  • Natural sound quality is maintained

A seemingly “unsolvable” challenge

NoiseTracker II is a unique noise suppression algorithm for hearing aids that solves a seemingly impossible challenge: how to separate speech from noise when both signals usually include energy at the same frequencies simultaneously. 

And when many noises have speech-like characteristics and many parts of speech have noise-like characteristics.



Spectral subtraction – done right  

NoiseTracker II uses a technology called spectral subtraction. Spectral subtraction works by subtracting the short-term noise spectrum from the signal, leaving only the speech portion behind. 

But if speech and noise aren’t accurately separated, spectral subtraction doesn’t work well.

ReSound’s NoiseTracker II is able to use spectral subtraction successfully because the Environmental Classifier has identified speech and noise so precisely. 

Therefore it reduces annoying background noise, without removing any part of the speech signal. And without removing so much of the background noise that the listening environment sounds unnatural.


Putting it all together

By combining these technologies seamlessly in creating the LiNX, ReSound have taken their existing technologies to the next level and married them with the MFi technology from Apple, to create the most connected, most natural sounding hearing aid ever made.

Get A Free Demo Of ReSound LiNX - Call Today On 0203 397 9787 - UK Coverage




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Jason Levy RHAD CTP HPD MNCH (Reg) is an Audiologist, Certified Tinnitus Practitioner, HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist. Following a partial loss of hearing since childhood and acquiring tinnitus as an adult, he has been actively involved in treating hearing loss and tinnitus since 2003, and now writes about tinnitus and its treatment. Combining evidence-based Conventional and Complimentary Healthcare techniques, he aims to bring to you a new perspective on tinnitus treatment. In addition to treating tinnitus, Jason is trained in the latest and most up to date digital hearing aids, as well as advanced deep impression techniques for invisible hearing aids such as the Starkey Soundlens.

He practices on Harley Street, and is happy to answer enquiries from prospective clients. Please call 020 3397 9787 to book an appointment.

You can find Jason on Google+Twitter and LinkedInLinkedIn.

London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic Jason Levy HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic Jason Levy Full Member of the British Society of Audiology
London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic Jason Levy Full Member of the British Academy of Audiology
London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist
London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic Jason Levy Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy

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