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Effective Invisible Tinnitus Treatment With The Starkey Soundlens

Posted by on in General
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Soundlens Invisible Hearing Aid Banishes Tinnitus

Richard has been a client of mine since May, and we had a follow-up appointment on Friday morning.

Richard's quite young, still working age, but has a mild to moderate hearing loss in both ear. This was making it difficult for Richard to participate socially and at work, and to enjoy music. One other problem that Richard was experiencing as a result of his hearing loss was tinnitus.

Tinnitus often accompanies hearing loss, because, according to current theory, the brain automatically tries to compensate for the hearing loss by increasing its internal level of amplification. This has the knock on effect of amplifying the normally present random activity in the auditory nerve to a level when it can be perceived as a hissing sound. It doesn't have to be a hissing sound... some people hear a buzzing, a ringing, a humming amongst other possibilities.

Avoiding Occlusion

The "occlusion effect" is often experienced by peole wearing in the canal (ITC) or completely in the canal (CIC) style aids, where they can hear their own voice booming inside their head. The occlusion effect is bad enough, but when you also have tinnitus it makes it very difficult to wear hearing aids. Traditionally, the way to treat a mild to moderate loss would be to fit an open fit aid, such as a RIC (Receiver In Canal) in order to leave the ear canal as open as possible and avoid occlusion. However, this kind of hearing aid has the main body of the hearing aid behind the ear, and people with short hair have nothing to hide that part of the hearing aid, and some people feel self-conscious about the wire which runs from the top of the ear into the ear canal.

There is an alternative to RIC hearing aids... it has been known for some time that if you can fit a hearing aid deep enough into the ear canal, you can overcome the occlusion effect.

The problem was that until relatively recently a deep canal fitting would involve an uncomfortable impression taking process, and often the deep CIC would be uncomfortable to wear, due to the tight fit in the ear canal requred to avoid feedback.

Soundlens - Comfortable and Invisible

However, since the Soundlens IIC (Invisible In The Canal) from Starkey was launched, deep canal fittings can be made much more comfortable, as the advanced feedback cancellation technology built in to Soundlens means that a tight fit is no longer required.

As you can see from the picture, Soundlens is worn deep inside the canal, very close to the eardrum. In order to be able to make the aid, Starkey need the ear impression to go at least this far so that they can see the detail of the ear canal in order to make the Soundlens fit comfortably, but invisibly.

Advanced Impression Technique

In order to take deep impressions safely and comfortably, advanced training is required, as well as specialised equipment. I am glad to say I have been on the Starkey advanced impression taking course and am certified to take deep impressions. Richard's Soundlens hearing aids are invisible when they are in his ears.

Additional Benefit - Tinnitus Gone!

Richard wanted the tone adjusted on his hearing aids, but commented that the sound quality has always been clear. His wife commented that Richard is now able to particpate socially, where before he would switch off and wouldn't join in. This was all great news, but the greatest news was yet to come.

Just casually, Richard mentioned that when he puts the hearing aids in, he can't hear his tinnitus. What a fantastic result! Not only are the hearing aids invisible, and not only do they treat the hearing loss, and very well at that, they also make Richard's tinnitus go away - invisibly!

Get Soundlens Today

Whether you have tinnitus and a hearing loss, or a hearing loss without tinnitus, Soundlens might be the right solution for you. Starkey have recently miniaturised the components in Soundlens, so Soundlens will now fit even more ears.

Call us today on 020 7467 8473 to arrange an evaluation to see if Soundlens is right for you!

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Jason Levy RHAD CTP HPD MNCH (Reg) is an Audiologist, Certified Tinnitus Practitioner, HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist. Following a partial loss of hearing since childhood and acquiring tinnitus as an adult, he has been actively involved in treating hearing loss and tinnitus since 2003, and now writes about tinnitus and its treatment. Combining evidence-based Conventional and Complimentary Healthcare techniques, he aims to bring to you a new perspective on tinnitus treatment. In addition to treating tinnitus, Jason is trained in the latest and most up to date digital hearing aids, as well as advanced deep impression techniques for invisible hearing aids such as the Starkey Soundlens.

He practices on Harley Street, and is happy to answer enquiries from prospective clients. Please call 020 3397 9787 to book an appointment.

You can find Jason on Google+Twitter and LinkedInLinkedIn.

London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic Jason Levy HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic Jason Levy Full Member of the British Society of Audiology
London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic Jason Levy Full Member of the British Academy of Audiology
London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic CNHC Registered Hypnotherapist
London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic Jason Levy Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy

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