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SoundCureSerenade Treatment Package Price £2590 £2145

Reduced throughout February and March 2017 for Tinnitus Awareness Week #TAW2017

including assessment, fitting and two follow-up sessions

The SoundCure Serenade is in our opinion the most effective tinnitus treatment avilable to date. The majority (70%) of patients will experience a significant reduction in their tinnitus within minutes. Some patients can't hear their tinnitus at all when using Serenade. The Serenade is a small, mobile phone-sized device that you can take home and use as often, and for as long as you need relief from your tinnitus.

You can use Serenade wherever you would use an mp3 player, but it is so quiet that you can carry on a normal conversation, watch TV, or read a book while using it. It is completely safe as the treatment tone is set at a level below your tinnitus, yet it is extremely effective - far more effective than anything else we've seen. Serenade is tailored to your own unique tinnitus, and your tinnitus frequency (pitch), intensity (loudness), threshold at your tinnitus pitch, and loudness tolerance and loudnes growth are measured as part of the fitting process.


What's included?

The package price includes your assessment at our Harley Street consulting rooms, which lasts around an hour and a half. The package also includes the Serenade device, charger, holder, calibrated earphones, user manual and a guide to tinnitus habilitation. Also included are two follow-up sessions of up to 55 minutes each. Tinnitus, especially once established, comprises both a neural and a perceptual component. The SoundCure Serenade is very effective at treating the neural component. More likely than not, being able to control the neural component of your tinnitus will be enough to set you on the path to tinnitus recovery, but some people need some additional help dealing with the perceptual component. At these follow-up appointments we can make adjustments to the treatment pitch and volume, or go over relaxation techniques, Mindfulness, or do some Counselling, CBT or Hypnotherapy. We'll work with you to determine which treatments are going to be right for you. You can be as involved as you would like in the decision making process - if you like you can just let us decide for you, using our experience of treating tinnitus patients, or you can take an active role in creating your treatment plan.

To book an assessment appointment for SoundCure Serenade, call us on 020 3397 9787.

What if I need more follow-up appointments?

Many patients find that the two included follow-up appointments, along with a Serenade treatment plan, are enough to set them on the road to being tinnitus free. However, perhaps one in ten will have other issues that seem to be affecting their tinnitus, and so getting these things off their chest in a non-judgmental atmosphere may help - in this case Rogerian Counselling can be the answer. Other people, even before they developed tinnitus, may have found it difficult to relax, and so learning to relax or learning Mindfulness meditation can be very beneficial - Hypnotherapy has also been shown by research to be very beneficial at helping tinnitus patients to relax. Some patients have negative thoughts that just won't seem to go away, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, can help them replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Additional follow-up appointments last up to 55 minutes each and cost £175.

We can also refer patients, if they wish, to a psychotherapist, psychologist or consultant psychiatrist.

What if I decide it's not right for me?

The latest research indicates that SoundCure Serenade is four times more effective than white noise for providing relief from tinnitus, and can provide significant relief for 70% of patients within a few minutes. However, we recognise that not every treatment will suit every single patient.

If you decide at the assessment that SoundCure Serenade is not right for you, then you will only have to pay the assessment fee of £195 (Reduced to £150 throughout February / March 2017).

Within 30 days you can return the SoundCure Serenade to us (either by insured post, such as Special Delivery, or by hand) and we will refund to you the purchase price of the Serenade, less the assessment fee of £195 (£150), any follow-up appointments at £175 each, plus £40 for the earphones.


To book an assessment appointment for SoundCure Serenade, call us on 020 3397 9787.


How does SoundCure Serenade compare to other treatments?

Research shows that Soundcure Serenade is four times more likely than white noise to provide relief from tinnitus. You use Serenade typically at a volume level well below your tinnitus - yet when used this way, Serenade can completely suppress tinnitus in a cosiderable number of patients.

S-Tones, the treatment tones used in Serenade, were discovered during research at the University of California, and the Serenade was then developed to bring this new treatment to help tinnitus sufferers like you, and research evidence of the effectiveness of S-Tones continues to add up. There are many other treatments out there, some of them based on what would seem like a good idea, but with very little hard evidence. Some manufacturers have been known to produce a device, then try to find evidence that it works. The SoundCure Serenade treatment package is typically £2,000 less than the Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation treatment package.

However, there are treatments which are known to be effective for reducing the distress of tinnitus. In one study, a combination of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT - a combination of white noise sound therapy and directive counselling) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) was effective at reducing all aspects of tinnitus distress - except just under one third of the participants dropped out - this could mean many things - perhaps it was not effective for them, or perhaps they did not like CBT, and found it too analytical.

Mindfulness is a non-religious type of meditating and thinking that has been shown to reduce stress, and help people accept their tinnitus and feel less distressed by it.

Treatments such as TRT, CBT, Mindfulness and Counselling deal with the perceptual element of tinnitus - they don't treat the neural element. However, when people are less stressed and worry less about their tinnitus, we find that their tinnitus seems less severe to them. SoundCure Serenade, on the other hand, actually affects the neural component of tinnitus, reducing the tinnitus itself in the majority of patients.

It is felt that the use of white noise generators on their own is far less effective than when they are combined with some form of counselling, CBT or Mindfulness.


To book an assessment appointment for SoundCure Serenade, call us on 020 3397 9787.


What other treatments do you offer?

It has long been found that when tinnitus patients have a hearing loss, properly adjusted hearing aids often seem to make the tinnitus go away. We can fit and provide back-up for a number of hearing aids that are either specially designed for tinnitus, or have a built-in tinnitus function - collectively known as "Combination Devices". However, if you don't feel ready to wear a hearing aid, or think a hearing aid isn't right for you, we won't push you in that direction. We feel that SoundCure Serenade, along with Counselling, Mindfulness or Hypnotherapy are extremely effective treatments.

Combination devices

Siemens Micon from £1095 Including Aftercare

Phonak Audéo Q70 £1295 In Stock Up To 50% off High Street

Starkey Xino Tinnitus £1395 In Stock Best Price in UK

Phonak Audéo Q90 £1595 In Stock Up To 50% Off With Free Aftercare

Siemens Pure Micon 7 7mi £1595 Up To 50% Off With Free Aftercare


Mindfulness is a combination of non-religious meditation and ways of thinking, such as attentiveness and acceptance, that has been shown to reduce stress and reduce the distress of tinnitus - by using Mindfulness you will in time come to terms with and accept your tinnitus.


Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic inductions that can help you relax deeply, as well as suggestions that can help you redirect your attention away from your tinnitus. Hypnotherapy often combines aspects of CBT, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Counselling.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT, uses relaxation techniques, thought exercises that examine your unhelpful and negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones, and behavioural experiments. CBT is very effective at reducing anxiety and depression, which often accompany tinnitus.


Rogerian therapy or "Person-centred therapy" helps people express and explore their feelings in a non-judgemental atmosphere of acceptance, by the use of congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard. Rogerian therapy is especially useful if you find it difficult expressing what is bothering you, or if you haven't been able to tell anyone about how badly tinnitus affects you.

Any of the above therapies cost £175 per 55 minute session, or £235 per 85 minute session.


To book an appointment for any of the above treatments, call us on 020 3397 9787.


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