Tinnitus And Sleep - The Solution!

Written by Jason Levy. Posted in Tinnitus Treatments

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Can't Get To Sleep and Can't Get Back To Sleep

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Many people with tinnitus find it hard to sleep and just don't know what to do. Quite often, your tinnitus doesn't seem as bad during the day as you have your daily tasks and the hustle and bustle of daily living to provide a welcome distraction.

It's during the night when a lot of people find it at its worst. You might find it difficult getting to sleep - with no other sound, your tinnitus can feel overwhelming, making you anxious, and bringing worrying thoughts. Sometimes you can wake up during the night and find it impossible to get back to sleep as your tinnitus seems louder than ever, and negative thoughts keep going round and round in your head.

Some people try white noise generators, or sound generators that make noises like rain, the sea or whales, to drown out their tinnitus, but this can be disturbing to a husband, wife or partner, and then you end up with two people who can't sleep. Worse still, some people find that the level of noise they need to mask their tinnitus can make their tinnitus worse.

There's good news...

The good news is that tinnitus is very rarely a sign of any serious medical problem. You might worry that your tinnitus is a sign of a brain tumour or an impending stroke, but it just isn't at all likely. If your tinnitus is pulsatile, for instance like a heartbeat, or a blacksmith hammering a horseshoe, if it whooshes as you breathe in or out, or if it is like a clicking or fluttering, then a referral to an ENT consultant could put your mind at rest and it may be medically treatable.


The other good news is that for the rest of us tinnitus, and the worrying thoughts that go with it are very treatable. You can get a referral on the NHS for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) within an Audiology or ENT department, but there aren't enough staff qualified to deliver this treatment, so you may have to wait months and months for an appointment, and that's not going to help you now.

SoundCure Serenade

What might help you now is the SoundCure Serenade. It is a revolutionary new private, affordable treatment that is solidly based on very recent research from the University of Calfornia. Throughout its development, it has been driven by Audiologists with experience of treating tinnitus. Results are exciting - it can work within minutes and the majority of people get a significant suppression of their tinnitus, that is, your tinnitus will either be reduced and may even disappear. With regular use, Serenade can help your tinnitus become less and less bothersome - some people eventually reduce their use of Serenade to once a week. The SoundCure Serenade needs to be configured by an Audiologist to your particular tinnitus, and you can buy the SoundCure Serenade and use it at home. To help you get to sleep, or get back to sleep, the Serenade includes a SleepAssist function that switches the device off automatically after an hour.

Once you have control over your tinnitus with the Serenade, those worrying thoughts will often quieten down as well. We strongly believe that education and counselling are an important part of any treatment plan, and we offer two additional sessions of tinnitus education and/or counselling as part of the Serenade treatment package.

Is tinnitus all in the mind?

Assuming medical causes have been ruled out, tinnitus has two components - a neural component and a perceptual component. The neural component is an actual physical phenomenon - a complex interaction between the ear, the auditory nerve and the brain. So, it's not all in the mind. Until recently, there wasn't anything which could effectively treat the neural component, but finally we have SoundCure Serenade.However, you can take two people with exactly the same level of tinnitus, and one of them might cope easily with their tinnitus, while the other might find it very difficult to cope with. If you find yourself in this position, you might get angry at yourself for not being able to cope, or just feel that there isn't any hope.

If you have these, or other upsetting negative thoughts, then we can teach you effective ways of coping with them. Those people who cope easily with tinnitus have just learned coping strategies in other areas of their life, and these strategies can be taught. Though it might not seem possible, you can change the way that you think and feel. The Serenade treatment, along with the two included one-to-one sessions with a Certified Tinnitus Practitioner is enough for most people, but if you find that you need more support then we can arrange more sessions of counselling, CBT, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy or a combination tailored to you.

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