Mrs R S from Edgware - Testimonial

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The hearing aids that Jason Levy fitted are surprisingly small

My ReSound Alera in the canal hearing aids are far more comfortable when wearing glasses, especially after the NHS model that I had previously used. The aids are most satisfactory and I can now hear so much better. I was most surprised with their small size. One observation that I have is that the small batteries have a limited life, but that is the price I have to pay for the excellent cosmetics and reception. Jason has been most attentive and professional in every way.

Mrs RS, Edgware


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Mrs G S from Waltham Abbey - Testimonial

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My hearing has improved in every respect thanks to Jason Levy

Having previously worn NHS and private hearing aids and been dissatisfied, my hearing has now improved in every respect!

Jason Levy is a very inspired, clever hearing specialist. He has given me back my ability to hear when I can totally given up!! Nobody who has tested my hearing cared enough to tweak and retweak and retweak again - until he had achieved perfection. Thank you, Jason.

Mrs GS, Waltham Abbey

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Sam from Pimlico - Testimonial

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Sam Simmonds found Jason Levy's professional approach very impressive

My hearing had been deteriorating for 25 years before I contacted London Hearing Aids. Mr Levy's professional approach to my problems was very impressive, as was the precision of the calibration of the Unitron Moxi Pro hearing aids. Within one month the auditory nerves in my ears were already responding more efficiently, thanks to all the detailed scientific work Mr Levy had done to help me. I am delighted with the results. Now I can hear clearly when dining at a restaurant, attending concerts, watching television or when I'm with a group of friends.

SS, Pimlico, London


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Phil from Islington - Testimonial

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Philip Vance is very happy with the follow-up service from Jason Levy

I have used a variety of hearing aids since 1970 when I suddenly lost much of my hearing. The equipment was, of course, always rather expensive, but worth it because my hearing was seriously impaired. Last year on the internet I ran across Jason Levy who appeared to be offering hearing aids with a personalised service and at a somewhat reduced price. I left my previous hearing aid purveyors, who I felt had always been very good, and decided to try Jason. My only concern was that Mr Levy was one single individual and I might not enjoy a satisfactory degree of after care. In fact, I need not have been concerned, Mr Mr Levy has proven to be extremely dedicated and attentive, always prepared to call on me to solve any problems or answer any questions I might have and providing an almost unbelievable amount of very professional and genial personal attention. My new Phonak Audeo hearing aids have made a huge difference when playing a piano (previously I couldn't hear the highest octave with my old hearing aids) and when having a conversation with my wife or friends. In short, I have been delighted at the high quality of his follow-up service.

PV, Islington


Jason Levy comments "It has been my pleasure to get to know Phil and his wife over the last couple of years, first as a client and increasingly as a friend. Phil has the Phonak Audéo SMART Spice 9 (S9) models, which have excellent performance in a very small form factor - they combine power with some excellent technology. In Phil's case, the SoundRecover feature has been invaluable. It uses frequency compression to shift very high pitches down into a pitch range that is audible to the wearer. The top half octave on the piano was previously inaudible with Phil's old hearing aids, but now he can hear it, thanks to his Phonak Audéos. The Audéo Spice has now been superseded by he Audéo Quest, which has better performance in noise and better wind noise reduction." 

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