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Unitron Moxi Kiss - possibly the most beautiful tinnitus treatment device in the world.

Could this be the most beautiful hearing aid with tinnitus function in the world?

I was privileged to be invited to the launch of Unitron's new Moxi KissMoxi Kiss tinnitus treatment combination device at the Raddison Blu Edwardian hotel in London.

Before I talk about the stunning visual aesthetics, I ought to first point out that the conventional healthcare side of me is usually only concerned with the efficacy of any treatment or device, and this one certainly ticks all the boxes:


  • For those tinnitus patients who also have a hearing loss, it incorporates a hearing aid with between 6 and 20 channels, depending on the chosen technology level.
  • The tinnitus sound generator can be configured to be a broadband white noise for those without a hearing loss. For those with a hearing loss, it can be shaped to the audiogram (hearing test results). It can even be combined with a tinnitus suppressor, such as the SoundCure Serenade for an even greater reduction in tinnitus.
  • The tinnitus sound generator can be switched on and off and its volume level can be adjusted using a remote control, giving the wearer greater control over their treatment - evidence shows that tinnitus sufferers who have greater control over their tinnitus symptoms tend to feel that their tinnitus is less annoying, upsetting or distressing.
  • The hearing aid function uses the latest technology to improve the ability to hear speech in challenging environments such as restaurants or parties whilst controlling sudden loud noises, enabling the tinnitus sufferer to participate in a greater range of social situations, reducing their sense of isolation, and reducing their stress level when in those situations.
  • The devices are plasma coated - an advanced type of nano coating - protecting them from moisture and corrosion.

However, my complimentary healthcare side can't help but notice how great it looks. This has got to be the first tinnitus treatment combination device that looks so good you just want to touch it. The way the curves blend into and fit with one another shows how much the manufacturers have concentrated on marrying form and function. Not only have they created an effective device, they have also created an object of beauty.

The colour scheme in the picture is "Teal Blast", but it comes in ten more colours to match different hair colours and skin tones. Not that you'll see it when you're wearing it, though, as it tucks away discreetly and is so light you probably won't even notice you're wearing it. The new plasma coating should keep it looking good for a good long while.

I'm currently trying out the Unitron Moxi on both ears and I don't even feel them while I'm wearing them. I'm looking forward to giving the new Moxi Kiss a good test drive myself when I get a chance. I quite like the "Espresso boost" colour scheme. If you follow this linkthis link (it will open in a new window), you can have a look at the different colours. Let me know in the comments which one you like best.

To book an appointment to try out the Unitron Moxi Kiss, Unitron Moxi, or any of our other hearing aids or tinnitus treatment devices, please call us on 020 7467 8473.

UPDATE: All my patients that I have fitted with the Moxi Kiss so far have been very pleased with the results. You can read a great testimonial from a Unitron Moxi Kiss wearer here.



Unitron Moxi 6 / Unitron Moxi Kiss 6           £895

Unitron Moxi 12 / Unitron Moxi Kiss 12      £1195

Unitron Moxi 20 / Unitron Moxi Kiss 20      £1495

Unitron Moxi Pro / Unitron Moxi Kiss Pro    £1595


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