ReSound LiNX 9 Hearing Aid: UK Price Lowest Guaranteed - £1695 including lifetime Aftercare

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ReSound LiNX 9 £1795 exclusively from London Hearing Aids - Call 020 3397 9787 For A Demo

The ReSound LiNX "Made For iPhone" hearing aid is ready to launch, and there is huge anticipation about the World's first Ultimate iPhone-compatible hearing aid.

GN ReSound have long been a leader in the hearing aid industry, so you won't be surprised that they are the first to market with a Made For iPhone hearing aid. This is the first hearing aid in the World that can connect directly to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without the need for a go-between wireless gadget.

For such easy to use high technology, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook fans are used to paying a premium price over competing products such as Android handsets and PC laptops. The sheer joy of Apple products is that they just work - effortlessly, and they connect to each other - again, effortlessly.

ReSound LiNX 9 UK Price

With that in mind, I expect the ReSound LiNX to be available at a price premium over their current wireless model, the Verso. The best price you can find the ReSound Verso in the UK is currently £995 to £1595 per aid, depending on technology level.

ReSound LiNX 9: £1695.00 In stock soon Ultimate iPhone compatible aid, including lifetime aftercare - call on 020 3397 9787 to arrange a demonstration near you.

A Short History Of Wireless Hearing Aids

Older models from ReSound and other manufacturers required an extra wireless gadget to convert the Bluetooth wireless protocol (or language) to the different proprietary wireless protocols of each manufacturer. Until Bluetooth 4.0, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE, came along, Bluetooth was a quite a power drain, especially for a hearing aid with small batteries. Different wireless protocols developed due to the competition within the hearing industry as each manufacturer attempted to do a better job of correcting hearing loss than their competitors.

A Leading Standard In Bluetooth Wireless Technology

It is much like the computer industry up until the 1980s, when it needed two strong companies, Microsoft and IBM, to establish a standard that all other computer companies could share. Even with the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.0 hardware on board, there would be no guarantee that mobile handsets would talk to hearing aids - they have to be using the same protocol (that is, speaking the same language) to do that. So it took mobile industry veteran Apple to put the necessary hardware in their iPhone handsets, iPad tablets, and iPod touch music players... AND devise a protocol (language) for an appropriately-equipped hearing aid to connect to these devices. This is the MFi or Made For iPhone / iPad / iPod touch standard. As GN ReSound were already using 2.4 GHz wireless in their first generation Alera and second generation Verso products, it was an obvious match for Apple and GN ReSound to work together.

What Can Wireless Do For You?

Industry leading light GN ReSound are the first hearing aid manufacturer to bring out a Made For iPhone hearing aid, the ReSound LiNX, which can effortlessly connect with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Imagine what you will be able to do once you have connected:

  • First, you can listen to music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the sound going directly to your ReSound LiNX aids.
  • Second, you can watch videos, again with the sound going directly into your ReSound LiNX hearing aids - no need for separate headphones or wires!
  • Third, you will be able to enjoy Facetime video calls with the sound going directly into your ears via your ReSound LiNX hearing aids.
  • Fourth, you can at last have handsfree phone conversations on your iPhone without the need for a separate Bluetooth headset, intermediate Bluetooth "translator" device, or headphones, as the sound will reach your ears directly via your ReSound LiNX instruments.
  • Fifth, you can adjust the volume and tone of your ReSound LiNX aids using the free ReSound Smart App available from the App Store.
  • Sixth, using the Smart App, you can tell the hearing aids to change settings depending on various places you visit, such as your favourite restaurant, cafe, or concert hall!
  • Seventh, eighth, ninth and beyond, you will be able to hear the trainer's voice in your fitness app while you exercise at the gym or head out for a run, learn a new language, listen to news or internet radio, or indeed connect with thousands of apps available from the App Store. The possibilities are endless - where will your imagination lead you?

Other Features Of ReSound LiNX 9

Binaural Fusion™ technology

Allows the hearing aids to use a strong 2.4 GHz wireless connection to exchange data and work as one system to provide the most accurate sound picture possible. Binaural Fusion is based on two key features, Binaural Directionality™ and Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II.

Binaural Directionality

Uses the wireless device-to-device communication to dynamically select the best directional response for any listening environment. This provides the user with the best speech understanding in noise plus a more natural sense of surroundings – even in the most difficult listening situations.

Binaural Environmental Optimizer™ II

Takes advantage of the hearing aids working together to analyze and accurately classify the listening environment. The hearing aids automatically adjust gain and noise reduction settings for optimal audibility and listening comfort in any sound environment.

Surround Sound by ReSound™

Is our digital sound processing strategy that models, cleans, balances and stabilizes sound to give the user a true-to-life listening experience.

DFS Ultra™ II with Music Mode™

Precisely suppresses feedback and provides more thorough sound input analysis, giving users a clearer, richer, distortion-free listening experience, even in demanding situations such as listening to music.

Comfort Phone™

Uses wireless communication to adjust settings in both hearing aids asymmetrically when a phone is in use, so users can focus fully on their phone conversations and still be aware of what’s going on around them.

Synchronized SoftSwitching™

Coordinates switching between directional and omnidirectional modes simultaneously between the two hearing aids, for a seamless hearing experience.

Synchronized Push Button and Synchronized Volume Control

Ensure that any manual adjustments are registered in both hearing aids, for convenient and precise user control.

2.4 GHz wireless technology

Provides device-to-device communication and direct sound streaming, ensuring a fully wireless listening experience.

iSolate™ nanotech

Is a unique water repellant coating that provides unmatched moisture protection and great durability.

Directional Mix Processing™

Separates and then balances low and high frequencies, improving speech understanding in noisy environments while maintaining a full, rich sound quality experience.

Noise Tracker™ II

Targets and removes background noise, making listening in noisy environments more comfortable for the user.


Uses the input from both microphones to accurately identify and reduce wind noise, making outdoor use of hearing aids far more comfortable for the user.

WARP Processing™

Models the signal to ensure clear and distinct sound.


Reduces low-level environmental and microphone noise, ensuring a crisp, clear, noise-free listening experience.

Environmental Classifier

Analyzes sounds and categorizes them with respect to seven types of listening environments, ensuring clear, comfortable sound in any environment.

Which Model Is Right For You? ReSound LiNX 7 Or LiNX 9?

ReSound LiNX™ 7 is our premium MFi product series, ideal for users who seek a true-to-life hearing experience in mostly moderate listening environments. It offers fundamental device-to-device communication benefits and popular ReSound technologies such as Natural Directionality II – for benefits never before offered in this product level.

ReSound LiNX™ 9 is our ultimate series of MFi products, ideal if you want an instinctive hearing experience and often move in challenging listening environments. It includes all Binaural Fusion™ technologies, as well as other proven features that create the unique Surround Sound by ReSound™ hearing experience.

Pricing For Other LiNX Products

ReSound LiNX 7: £1395.00 In stock NOW Premium iPhone compatible aid, including lifetime aftercare - call on 020 3397 9787 to arrange a demonstration in the comfort of your home.

Book A Demo Now

If you live in or around London, I can arrange a home demonstration of the ReSound LiNX for you. However, if you live outside this area, don't worry - I have a network of trusted and experienced colleagues, trained in fitting ReSound products, who can arrange a home demonstration in your area.

Call today on 020 3397 9787 and I'll work with you to get the best hearing possible. Demand is set to be high for this product, so don't delay - book today!

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