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The Phonak Audéo Q90 from The London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic

Phonak Audéo Q90 £1595.00 5 Stars In stock

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The Q90 is the Premium product from Phonak and has the full range of features in the new Quest platform.

The Phonak Audéo micro BTE is virtually invisible when worn on the ear. Most people would be hard pressed to see the thin wire which runs from the speaker or "receiver" inside your ear canal to the top of your ear, where the small main unit sits neatly tucked away behind your ear. It was upgraded this year from the Spice platform to the Quest platform.

The Quest architecture adds auto stereo zoom in the Q90 and better wind noise reduction, as well as the tinnitus noiser for people who also have tinnitus.

Features and Benefits of the Phonak Audéo Q90

SoundRecover Increases speech clarity and makes sounds like birdsong audible again for people with severe to profound high frequency loss
UltraZoom Reduces sounds from the rear and sides, making it easier to hear conversation from people you are looking at
SoundFlow 5 Depending on the sound around you, the hearing aid will automatically activate features to enhance your hearing - the hearing aids will classify the sitation as Quiet, Speech in Noise, Speech in Loud Noise, Noise Only, or Music
FlexControl and FlexVolume The hearing aids automatically learn your volume preference in different situations, adjusting how SoundFlow responds and tailoring the sound to you.
Real Ear Sound The hearing aids model the natural characteristic of the ear, making sound more natural and maintaining the sensation of front to back localisation.
QuickSync Volume control, program changes, and SoundFlow are syncronised between left and right hearing aids.
Speech in Wind Enhances your ability to understand speech, even when the wind is blowing.
(Auto) StereoZoom In a noisy crowd, the hearing aids can (automatically) focus in tightly on conversation with a person directly in front of you.
(Auto) ZoomControl The hearing aids can activate the directional microphones to listen to the front, behind, left or right. When set to automatic, the hearing aids will autmatically switch direction to the nearest voice to you, helping your understanding of conversation with a group of people in background noise.
DuoPhone When using a telephone, the sound is automatically streamed to the other ear, improving sound quality and itelligibility.
Auto Acclimatisation The hearing aids can be initially set below the full prescription and automatically increase gradually over a period of weeks to months, giving you time to get used to hearing more clearly again.
WhistleBlock Cuts out whistling so you can relax and just enjoy clearer hearing.
WindBlock Supresses wind noise, so you can enjoy outdoor activities.
SoundRelax Reduces sudden loud noises such as banging doors, and clattering dishes, as well as crinking paper and footsteps on hard floors.
NoiseBlock Reduces uncomfortable background noises such as traffic or an air conditioner fan, without compromising your ability to hear speech.
EchoBlock Maintains speech understanding in echoey and reverberant rooms, such as in assembly halls, places of worship and rooms with hard surfaces by filtering out reverberations and leaving the speech signal natural and undistorted.
Tinnitus Balance sound generator Generates a sound which reduces the annoyance of tinnitus, and can be used as a form of tinnitus sound therapy
20 Channels Processes sound and background noise in high resolution, enhancing speech clarity.


About Channels

As soon as I say the words "20 channels" I can usually see most people's eyes glazing over. It's like on the adverts when they say "Now here comes the science bit", but please keep reading and I'll explain why it's important. It won't take a minite... The channels in a hearing aid processor are like keys on a piano keyboard. All manufacturers' hearing aids , with a few notable exceptions, have roughly the same range of pitch, from low pitch (bass) to high pitch (treble), in order to accurately reproduce the human speech range. The width of the piano keyboard in this analogy equates to the human speech range. The more keys we have on the keyboard, the narrower each key, and the more accurately we can fine tune the hearing aid to correct your hearing loss to clearly hear what you want to hear. Having 20 channels means that the Phonak Audeo / Bolero / Virto Q90 can very accurately distinguish between speech and background noise and zap the background noise without greatly affecting speech. The Q90 monitors each of its 20 channels (or piano keys) and detects whether each channel contains speech or background noise. If it's speech, it gets amplified to a level that you need, according to your hearing test results. If it's background noise, it gets turned down. That's how noise reduction works, on the whole, and the more channels, the more accurate and therefore the stronger the noise reduction.

Optional Wireless Accessories

You can add the ComPilot and TV-Link S bundle for £375, including pairing with your hearing aids. The RemoteMic is an additional £195.

Get A Demo Now

If you'd like to book an appointment to experience the Audéo, Virto or Bolero for yourself, please call my office on 020 7467 8473. I'll be happy to introduce you to Phonak's world of clarity.

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