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Treatment Tinnitus Clinic London's Harley Street

The Leading Tinnitus Treatment Clinic In Central London

Welcome to The London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic. We welcome clients from all over London, the UK and from abroad to our relaxing setting just off Baker Street and around 10 minutes' walk from Harley Street, right in the heart of London's medical district. At the clinic, we offer evidence-based treatments for tinnitus, and in the majority of clients can achieve a significant reduction in tinnitus symptoms and distress, often achieving more than a 70% reduction in their symptoms.

Thorough Tinnitus Assessment

All patients are offered a thorough 90-minute tinnitus assessment including pure tone audiogram, tinnitus pitch matching, tinnitus loudness matching, loudness tolerance and loudness growth tests.

Evidence Based Tinnitus Treatments Tailored To The Client

Depending on the severity of your tinnitus, you may be offered advice, counselling, hearing aids, a combination hearing aid and tinnitus noise generator, a tinnitus suppressor, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, training in mindfulness or a combination of the above. All treatments offered at the clinic are evidence-based and have been shown to work with the majority of patients.

We deal directly with eminent companies such as Audio Service, Siemens, SoundCure, Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, and Starkey.

Popular products include, but are not limited to:

  • Audio Service G4 16, 12 and 8 with Wave Therapy (tinnitus noise generator),
  • Oticon Opn with Oticon Tinnitus Sound (iPhone® App),
  • Siemens (Signia) Primax 7 with Tinnitus Notch Therapy,
  • Phonak Audéo B90, B70 and B50 with Tinnitus Balance {tinnitus noise generator),
  • Unitron North Pro, 800, 700, 600 and 500 with Tinnitus Masker (tinnitus noise generator),
  • Starkey Muse with Tinnitus Multiflex (tinnitus noise generator),
  • SoundCure Serenade tinnitus suppressor - the Serenade is different to the above products in that it suppresses tinnitus, actually reducing the sensation of tinnitus rather than masking it.

Most of the above products come in different technology levels to suit different budgets.

Is There A Cure For Tinnitus?

There are many web sites out there offering a cure for tinnitus, but the reality is that a cure for tinnitus is some way off and anyone offering a cure is merely taking advantage of the hopes of people with this chronic, sometimes severe, even catastrophic condition. We would suggest that the people profiting from these websites are not acting ethically in the best interests of their customers. They often cast the medical establishment in a negative light in order to make their offering look more attractive. It is true that tinnitus has in the past been poorly understood, and medical and surgical interventions were sometimes misguided attempts to treat or cure a pooly unnderstood phenomenon. However, as time has gone on, brain imaging techniques have improved, allowing us to better understand how tinnitus is generated in the brain, and new drugs are being researched to prevent tinnitus from happening in the first place. However, progress is slow, as there are many causes and many types of tinnitus. A cure may come in five years or it may take twenty years. We just don't know. In the meantime SoundCure Serenade is the closest thing to a cure there is, and The London Tinnitus Treatment Clinic is the only expert provider in London.

A New Hope For Tinnitus Sufferers

Many tinnitus sufferers have been told by their doctor, specialist or GP that tinnitus can't be cured, there is nothing that they can do, and they will "just have to live with it". Given that news, many people will feel anxious, upset, even depressed. Some people just can't imagine how they could possibly cope with hearing a ringing, buzzing, hissing, humming or whooshing sound in their head for the rest of their lives and may feel a sense of despair. With targets for controlling diabetes, asthma, obesity, high blood pressure and a million and one other things, GPs often don't have enough time to stay up to date on what they might consider non-life threatening ailments. The good news is that our clinic offers proven treatments that can, in many cases, provide 70% or more of a reduction in symptoms. Although a cure for tinnitus is some way off, we are confident to be able to offer some relief for the majority of or clients.

Book A Tinnitus Assessment Today At The Clinic

Our website is intended as an oasis of information on tinnitus, and our aim is to put your mind at rest about your condition. There are many successful treatments available. Why not call the clinic on 020 3397 9787 and book a tinnitus assessment today? We will be happy to help you turn down your tinnitus and get your life back again.

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